Legacy Project

National Project: https://littlefreelibrary.org/start/build-a-little-free-library/

The mission: 

As members of Leadership San Antonio 47, the best class FORever, we are challenging our group to not only come together to learn more about our amazing city every month, but also leave a legacy. Arts and culture are essential to our quality of life and access to books is crucial to learning and growing. We are grateful for the books that you all provided for Arts and Culture/Quality of Life day, but the books were only one part of this project. As our class focuses on building a better San Antonio, we are excited to provide each team with a Little Free Library. 

The Action: 

Access your artistic prowess and determine how you want to project the culture of San Antonio as you decorate your Little Free Library. We will coordinate the drop off or pick up of each team’s Little Free Libraries to make this a light lift for your team. The envelope provided to your team contains a gift card to purchase art supplies to decorate your library. Your team should come together and participate in the vision for decorating the library. Social media pictures are encouraged to show your progress along the way. You can also raise funds to garner more supplies to ensure your Library is unique and creative.  

The Timeline:

Little Free Libraries must be completed by September 1, 2023 to be entered into the competition. We recommend formulating a plan or design soon, as the competition will be steep. 

The Result: 

Once all libraries are complete, we will have the steering committee vote and the team that wins will be awarded naming rights to the painting that was completed at the Arts and Culture/Quality of Life lunch, which will be placed in the Chamber office. Data will be used to determine where the Little Free Libraries will be placed in high need areas throughout our community to provide access to books for children and adults.