The Public Theater of San Antonio

The Public Theater of San Antonio

San Antonio’s Longest Running Theatre Company

In December of 2021, The Public Theater of San Antonio produced the 700th production at the playhouse. This theater has been a community center for the arts for almost 100 years, with our original company having been established in 1912, and we are working to develop it as a regional theater center once again, especially as our city works toward economic and cultural growth.

Executive Artistic Director, Claudia de Vasco, has a vision for The Public Theater of San Antonio that includes deepening our connection to the cultural roots of this region through programming, investing in local creative talent, widening outreach to the diverse communities of Greater San Antonio, and upholding and improving the professional quality of our theatrical productions.

Laura Michelle Wolfe Hoadley is an arts administrator and creative with more than 15 years experience in nonprofit arts management, consulting, coaching, direction, and performance. Her passion is grounded in creating safe spaces for artists and audiences to embrace expression and connection through authentic storytelling, and in building strong foundations for success through inclusive organizational culture, equitable business practices, and structural integrity. She is grateful to have contributed to this process with more than a dozen organizations across the country.

Chayito Champion

Flamenco singer Chayito Champion began singing at an early age carrying the legacy of her family of flamenco artists. She is in high demand both nationally and internationally, always captivating her audiences with her heartfelt and passionate performances. Chayito says “I don’t remember when I started to sing it was like walking and talking I just did it.”

Her recent engagements include such prestigious venues as Repertorio Español, Thalia Theatre, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York City. She is currently the Flamenco singer for Jácome Flamenco and Carlota Santana Flamenco Vivo. Chayito recently recorded 2 Albums Asi soy Yo and Levanto.In 1978 she was given the name Gitana Americana by the late Antonio Montoya, El Farruco, who was traveling with his son, Farruquito, and Chayito’s father, El Curro, as part of Jose Greco’s flamenco company.

Beethoven Männerchor

The Beethoven Männerchor’s purpose is to preserve German song, music, and language. It is the one of the oldest German singing societies in Texas. Located in beautiful downtown San Antonio, in the Historic King William District, the Beethoven Männerchor has stood as a beacon of culture and heritage since its founding in February of 1867.

David Nelson is a lifelong music teacher, officially retiring from SAISD in 2014 after a 26 year career teaching music. He has been the music director at Beethoven since 1994.

Ayu Kitchen

Ayu Kitchen means the kitchen of life. The term Ayu comes from the word Ayurveda. “Ayu” meaning life “veda” meaning wisdom. Ayurveda, is ancient Indian medicine that dates back 5,000 years and is widely practiced today. It is a complete medical system, a nature-based knowledge that is timeless and eternal. Ayurveda is the language of nature that reflects its’ intelligence within each of us. Ayu Kitchen incorporates the concepts of Ayurveda by looking at food and the spices as medicine towards a more balanced and harmonious life. All of their products are plant-forward with the option to add or remove clean animal proteins.

Gigi is an Iranian American entrepreneur based in San Antonio, Texas. She has earned a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Master’s of Science of Business from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior to Ayu Kitchen she worked in the medical sales field in which she founded Biome, a distribution company focused on stem-cells and regenerative therapy. In 2022, she founded Ayu Kitchen driven by a passion for healthy lifestyles and Ayurvedic Medicine. Her mission is to support our community with a commitment to diverse, flavorful, nutrient-dense, and anti-inflammatory foods.